Backup and Recovery

When it comes to sensitive company data, DNS takes backups very seriously. We have various options of data backup, and when it comes to recovery, many viable precautions are in place to retrieve your data as well! Data recovery companies charge around $1 per GB, which means a 3TB drive would cost $3000, this is a vital reason you back up your data with one of our solutions.


DNS will scrutinize your current solution in order to give you an all-inclusive assessment of your data protection plan. Cloud backups, backups through our managed agent and on-premise backup drives are all options that DNS uses to keep your data backed up. There are many things that can happen to your crucial data such as mechanical malfunctions, physical damage, device theft, accidental deletion, power failure or natural disasters. While a few of these seem unlikely, some of these issues, like mechanical malfunctions, normal wear and tear, and accidental deletion, are quite common. Even though these instances do occur from time to time, DNS is equipped to manage these types of failures and protect your precious data.


Here at DNS, strict protocols are in place to recover your data, whether it be already backed up locally, or on a secured cloud storage. Our team will ensure everything has been done to either recover your data or outsource a reputable data recovery center and get the information loaded back onto a new computer. Either way, DNS has you covered!