Onsite & Remote Support

Our Managed Agent enables a DNS technician to connect to your computer via the Internet and work directly on the problem that may be affecting your business PC. The Managed Agent is an all-inclusive solution that can contain anti-virus protection, data backups, managed patches, and web protection.

Remote Support

As your local I.T. support, we offer you remote support as part of our services. This type of support offers you a convenient method of technical support and is also referred to as off-site or online support. With remote support, DNS may remotely connect to a computer or network to help with your technical issues. You can receive support at your fingertips, no matter where you are around the world. DNS offers our remote support over phone, or through email, whichever one you prefer. DNS takes pride in response time to a submitted issue, so this ensures that your problem will be solved in a timely manner.

On-site Support

The major downside to off-site support is hardware failure. Unlike software problems, hardware problems cannot be fixed remotely. The DNS team will try everything possible to get your hardware working remotely, but if DNS is required to go on-site, we will do that as well. Our on-site support costs the same as our remote support, so don’t worry about any extra costs. An on-site visit will provide DNS technicians with valuable details to determine if hardware repair or replacement is needed.