Project Management

Project management can include large-scale equipment relocations, transferring internet service to new locations, phone deployments, cabling new buildings or any other technical projects. At DNS, we will have a dedicated project manager to assist and coordinate with you to establish the best course of action for your IT projects.


Project management at DNS follows a tried and true process that accomplishes every project. First, the project manager will be appointed to oversee and complete all your IT needs during the project. Next, a project team is recruited, and the project charter is created.


The project manager and the project team work together to determine the full scope of everything that needs to be done for the project, and then plans all the tasks to be completed. Each task is assigned a start date, end date, and responsible person(s). Then, all the tasks are made into the project plan.


The project team executes the project plan to create the deliverables of the project. The scope of work that is done in the planning stages will determine the number of times we will need to be on-site.

Monitoring and Controlling

As the project is being executed by the project team, your appointed project manager monitors and controls the work of the team for time, cost, scope, quality, risk, and other factors. Your appointed project manager regularly reports the project status, as well as any issues and risks, to the client. To ensure that the project meets its objectives, monitoring and controlling is also an ongoing process.


At the end of each stage of the project and at the end of the project itself, project closure confirms that all the project work has been completed and is approved. DNS again will handle the project from start to finish.
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