Computer Sales and Services

DNS is a Premium Partner with Dell, so if your business is looking to upgrade or needs support with existing computers, we have your back. The following are options available to you through our computer sales: Workstations, Servers, Laptops, Monitors, Wireless solutions, Network equipment, VoIP Phone solutions and much more. Whether you need a laptop for on-the-go use, a high-end computer designed to take on more strenuous tasks or a robust office network installed, DNS can satisfy your specific business needs. Some computer services we offer are: Virus and malware removal, Operating system upgrades, Hardware upgrades, Hardware troubleshooting, Security services. Check out our on-site support tab for more information!

Printer Sales and Services

Does your business already have printers, or do you need new printers today? DNS is ready and willing to assist with your printer requirements. We can support your existing printers as well as purchase any new printers that would best suit your business. Whether you need a local desk printer, or an office network printer, we’ve got you covered.

Server Sales and Services

Referring back to our Premium Partnership with Dell, DNS is able to provide you with reliable Business Servers. Dell PowerEdge servers, specifically, are able to support small businesses to large corporations. We know how vital it is to be able to manage your company data and what your employees are able to access, so DNS is equipped to manage your employees on a technology level based on their role in your business. We are ready to manage your servers for you, so you do not have to.

Network Sales and Services

A reliable network is crucial to a successful business. DNS is highly experienced in working with network equipment such as routers, switches, and wireless access points. All of these devices will go hand-in-hand with your server to ensure your network is secure and running smoothly at all times. From our business to yours, we can assure you that your network will be in good hands.

Phone Sales and Services

Are you looking for a solution to your old, outdated business phones? DNS is here to help! We are a reseller for Zultys UniFied Communications, our main VoIP provider, and through Zultys, DNS can provide you with a solid on-premise or cloud-based business phone solution. Whether you only need a few lines for smaller businesses, to hundreds of lines for larger businesses, we are here to save you money and provide you with a reliable phone system.

Security Cameras Sales and Service

For those of you who are looking to keep their building and assets protected, look no further. Our security camera solution utilizes your existing business network, cutting down on installation costs and allowing you secure access to your camera feed from wherever you are at any time you desire. Not only does our solution allow you to easily access camera feeds, but it also streams in HD quality, giving you a clear picture of everything happening at your business. For more details, please visit our ‘Camera’ tab.

Software Sales and Service

With so many software solutions to choose from, picking the right one for your company can be a serious headache. DNS is willing to take on the task of supporting any software that your company may already use, as well as assist you with making the right choice on software solutions tailored to your business. Some legal and medical programs that we currently support are TABS3, Epic, PrimeSuite, Resware, Dentrix, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office and many more.


DNS will set up an hourly rate** for you and your company to ensure the needs of your business are met. Billing is taken very seriously at DNS, so we are dedicated to completing it accurately and in a timely manner. When meeting with our Director of Operations team, we will discuss the options available to you. Our technicians record their times accurately through our ticket software to ensure that you, the customer, receive reliable billing. We bill in fifteen-minute intervals to ensure no overbilling occurs and that your needs are thoroughly met.  DNS also provides block hour billing options as listed below.


With a Block Billing** option, DNS will make sure that your projects are completed to your liking. DNS will conduct a survey and quote estimated Block hours to fit your business need. If the hours of the allotted block are exceeded during the project, don’t worry, they will fall under the standard rate and overage fees will not be charged. In the instance of going over time, we can assure you that our technicians are highly skilled in effectively completing any projects and will not waste precious time resolving any issues. If you feel this would be a viable option for your business, please contact us today!

**(Anything past normal hours of operations is considered After Hours Support and is not covered under our hourly rate and/or block billing.)